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Went to Slim's SF to see Saba's concert on a Thursday night after a full school day straight from Oakland. Grandpa Garming treated with the pizza that tasted like cheesy garlic bread. Chill vibes in the rather small venue with many cups of jameson sours.
Joseph Chilliams gmfu and was pretty hilarious on stage. Later on we headed to the afterparty in Oakland where I flashed hella people with my Contax. Copped photos with all the artists too then we dipped. The photos were well worth the constant annoyance to people. 

first b&w film roll developed 
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shot on: [MAY 03 '18]
contax t2
ilford hp5 | ilford xp2

beat mixer vibes

shot on: [APR 07 '18]
From my first illustrative print selling event with the wonderful First Ear crew at F8. Milk tea, Bahn Mi, and a whole ton of good vibes and music.
The printing for the illustrations was definitely a learning process in itself and I'm glad to have my works in new homes where they'll be loved. I was torn between dancing and selling tbh.
The whole event's energy was poppin and it was surreal to meet so many other Bay Area artists as well as reconnecting with old friends in one gathering. 
contax t2
portra 400